What’s your idea, project, or startup in 140 characters?


This is a creativity enhancement mobile app. It is used in conjunction with an EEG headset (a brain activity measurement device).

Who are you?

What’s your background? Give us a brief bio.

We are a team of two Ph.D. students, Reza is in neuroscience program and Saber is a neuro-engineering student. Saber is an electrical engineer by training and he has a solid background in signal processing and computational neuroscience. Reza has a Phram.D. degree and he led multiple research projects in neuroscience where he used and analyzed brain signals. He is also a patent holder in brain-computer interface technologies.

About our team:

We have extensive experience with EEG (Electroencephalography, a method for measuring the electrical activity of the brain) and we have found a technique that uses EEG signals to guide the brain towards a ‘creative state’.

We are extremely passionate about this opportunity and we believe that neurotechnology will change the way people come up with creative ideas in the near future. We are looking for people who share the same passion and are willing to act upon it.



What are you looking for? A co-founder, employee, or intern? What type of compensation are you willing to offer?


We are looking for a co-founder with the ability to develop mobile applications, preferably for both Android and iOS devices. Our co-founder will receive a significant share in the equity of the company.



What’s the current status of the idea, project, or startup?

We have designed the signal processing pipeline, acquired the hardware, and analyzed the market.


Do you have sign-ups, traction, or revenue? What milestones have you hit?

This project was one of the top 8 projects in the final stage of Cheng Wu innovation challenge in 2018.


How long have you been working on this idea, startup, or project? How much time are you currently spending on this idea, project, or startup?


This idea was first conceived in February 2018. We have been adjusting and improving this idea by gathering more information on its technicalities and its market.

At this stage, we are spending 4-7 hours a week on this idea. A potential cofounder/developer must be able to spend the same amount of time on this project (or meet the predefined weekly goals).


Anything else people should know?


If you have mobile app development skills and you want to use your skills to help thousands of people, we love to have you on our team. Whether if you are an undergraduate or graduate student or a freelance developer, if you feel passionate about working on a cutting-edge neurotechnology application, join us! Here is our email:

aalipour {at} iu {dot } edu