What’s your idea, project, or startup in 140 characters?

  • A search app for food trucks and mobile vendors that returns valuable customer data to the vendors.

Who are you?

What’s your background? Give us a brief bio.

  • We are currently a two-person team, Kennedy Brown and Zach Simunic. We started working together in different organizations at IU but quickly got tired of having little influence and impact within the organizations. After considering our skill sets and their synergies, we founded our first company, Vecstone, together. Vecstone is a small augmented marketing and advertising agency where we have the opportunity to help our customers tell their stories and better connect with their audience.
  • A year ago, at a festival, after wandering around several blocks trying to find the most appealing truck, Kennedy had the idea for an app that would show all the nearby food trucks, and their menus, to help the user decide. The idea was refined when Zach saw a gap in the way trucks communicated with their customers after some months of managing social for our food truck client.


What are you looking for? A co-founder, employee, or intern? What type of compensation are you willing to offer?

  • We are looking for someone to join us as a founder. We are specifically looking for someone with app development experience, who is serious about pursuing this project through its development and growth. Knowledge of analytics and/or dashboard development is appreciated. Compensation will be in given in the form of equity as a founder of the company.


What’s the current status of the idea, project, or startup?

  • We are going through validation of the idea, conducting market research and looking to legitimize the company in the very near future. We are also filling design, development and operational roles.


Do you have sign-ups, traction, or revenue? What milestones have you hit?

  • Hunger Curbed has been accepted into the B-Start pre-accelerator program a


How long have you been working on this idea, startup, or project? How much time are you currently spending on this idea, project, or startup?

  • We have been ramping up our work over the last 3 months. We both are working on the project an average of 30 – 40 hours a week on the project.


Anything else people should know?

  • If you are interested in committing to this idea and offer expertise that we might not even know we need yet, please do not hesitate to reach out. We would love to grab coffee and hear your feedback or additional ideas.