I am trying to create a social media platform that brings back the uniqueness of an individual. Social media has changed the way we think & I believe this could be the solution. It lets the individual express their specific observations with like minded people by chosen community.

My name is Garrett Freeman and I am from just outside of Lebanon, IN. I love watching sports, hanging out with my buddies, going to IU sporting events and enjoying everything life has to offer. I came up with this concept when I had nobody to go to IU basketball games with and I really wanted to meet individuals that share the same love for IU as I do.

I am looking for a Co-Founder that can be in charge of the technical side of the project. A hardworking and passionate individual that can share the same vision as I do and is not afraid of failure. I need somebody that knows to develop the application and knowledge of how it all works so we can potentionally get more people on the team for you to manage. I believe this application will be significantly valuable and you will receive a large stake within the company.

Currently I have all of the app features and marketing & business strategies needed for the next steps in the process.

Right now I have been meeting with resources within the campus that can help guide me in the right direction to achieve my dream of getting this app up and running and better the lives of not only me and my team, but every single individual that will ever use our platform.

I have been working on this concept for nearly three months now by continuously self-educating myself and coming up with new aspects and ideas that will help the platform significantly. I am currently spending between 40-60 hours a week between reading books, listening to podcasts, and YouTube for insight and continuously writing down new ideas and ways of making aspects better so I am prepared for anything in my way. This platform has become the center-attention of my life and will continue to be until it is developed and on the market.

I am extremely confident that this project will be finished and completed because I am going to do whatever it takes to make sure of it. My only obstacle right now is finding and building a team around me that can contribute to the process that will lead to the success.

If you have any questions whatsoever about what the app will consist of or anything else, please contact me at garrfree@iu.edu and I will gladly answer whatever questions you have in mind. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully we can work together in making this thing happen!