It is common to work in college. However with immense tuitions students are obliged to work in unqualified  jobs like staff at McDonalds or Subway, preparing hamburgers  and cleaning tables while they have enough skills to work in their preferred profession relevant to their major. My web platform brings businesses and students together serving a community service for college students who are willing to explore their future jobs and make money completing simple tasks for businesses relevant to their majors. In my web platform students will earn money and valuable experience; meanwhile  business owners can get their donkey works done with lower costs and create alternative work time for their employees. Students who wants to work will have various job opportunities from various companies. In return businesses will benefit the cheap labour and will have  a clear vision of their future employees. The best example would be writing or editing an article for a local news paper or making a design for an architecture company.

Who am I?

I’m Baris, an international sophomore student majoring in Operations Management in Kelley. I lived in Istanbul for many years, and also been in many cities in USA including LA, Boston, NY, SanDiego… Interacting with different cultures gave me different aspects, interpreting situations in business life. I’m a straight forward person and believe in practice rather than theory.


I’m looking for creating a solid team with  ambitious and dedicated people with lots of problem solving skills. This  project will not be easy to accomplish, and I know as a team we will have lots of obstacles. I need a web designer, backend and front end developers and a marketing responsible. I don’t have clear terms and compensation will be negotiated during the meetings.


The project is still an idea. I took the necessary copy rights and legal measures for the idea.


I’m in contact with student organization that protects student rights.


I’ve been working on this idea for 7 months now. There are many other details that aren’t explained in the What section for security reasons.


Contact me via unibarisbeyduz@gmail.com for any questions or concerns?