“Maincoin” is a digital coin to the ten currencies. It means that for the ten currencies, there is a first
average “main coin” but the price is changeable based on supply and demand of every Maincoin-Currecny.

Who are you?

We are Ali and Ethan. Ali is a law student at Maurer School of Law, Indiana University and Ethan is a marketing student at Kelley School of Business, Indiana University.


Maincoin has two apportunities:

First: Maincoin needs a coder for making the software.

Second: Mainocin needs a business analyst.

We really encourage everyone to apply for the positions.


The white paper and marketing plan were prepared by Ali and Ethan and we just need a coder to make Maincoin.


We are working on maincoin more than 5 months and as all of the plans were prepared, we are completely sure that maincoin attract everyone.


Ali: aafshars@iu.edu

Ethan: ethscher@iu.edu