A suite of SaaS applications that will enable creative industry SMEs in developing nations, to leapfrog infrastructure bottlenecks and create on their own terms.

Who are you?

I was educated in theater performance, and spent five years practicing traditional and experimental theater and performance art in Southern Africa. During this period, I began to investigate opportunities presented by the internet and alternative avenues of developing and delivering value in the creative sector. I am currently a Fulbright student and a graduate at SPEA in MA Arts Administration.


An opportunity for a co-founder with vesting equity, to partner in the disruption of the ‘Single Story’ narrative, and to create opportunities for sustainable development, by impacting the critical value chain activities required to trade creative goods and services in developing nations.


There is an existing copyright in one territory, and the project is developing a prototype of its first use case in rural Indiana.


Currently involved in the agile modeling process.

Milestone: US government sponsorship of me to IU to continue research on the project.


I have been developing the business case for Momve since October 2015. I currently spend six hours a week on the project, and intend to develop a prototype in the summer of 2019.