Jenny Ye


Email address:

Major: Computer Science with minors in Informatics and Human Centered Computing.

Hobbies/interests: Volunteering, Security/Privacy, Accessibility, Learning about new technologies, and Dogs

Experience: Program Manager Intern at Microsoft working on the Azure IoT Team, previously interned as a Technical Program Manager Intern at Hulu, and have had previous experience at Salesforce and Microsoft as a software engineer.

Campus Involvement: President of the Product Management Club, and a member in the Shoebox. 

If I could do anything, I would..

Buy a big patch of land, adopt ~20 at risk dogs, and spend the rest of my time raising them and getting them ready for adoption.

Greatest role model: Not one singular person because everyone needs a board of directors for their life- for me it’s to ensure I’m making meaningful decisions that will have the greatest impact.

Reach out to me about…

Product management, mobile development, running hackathons, UI/UX, and dogs.