Kacey Wood


Email address: kacewood@iu.edu

Major: Finance and Business Analytics with a minor in Creative Technologies

Hobbies/interests: Travel, Health and Fitness, Youtube, and Photography/ Videography.

Experience: Data Analyst for the Kelley Living Learning Center, CLP internship at General Electric Healthcare, Marketing Internship at Forte Foundation.

Campus Involvement: Shoemaker Scholar, Kelley Tour Guide, Indiana University Student Foundation

If I could do anything, I would…

Work for Google Maps as a Bike-Riding Photographer where I would ride around different parts of the world on a special bike that takes photos of beautiful places unattainable by car.

Greatest role model: Nuseir Yassin AKA Nas Daily. Nas Daily is known for his one minute videos of the people he meets around the world and posts them every single day on Facebook.

Reach out to me about…

Adobe Photoshop, startup creative content, Microsoft Office programs, data analytics, or even just grabbing coffee!

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kacewood/