Shade converges all consumer activity in the physical realm of brick and mortars stores into one digitized platform. Now users and merchants both will be able to uncover the endless value of digitized transactions.

Who are you?

We are Cole Stark and Adam Goot.

Cole Stark

I am a senior at the Kelley School of Business studying Professional Sales and Marketing. From my intensive background working for Fortune 500 companies such as CheckPoint Software and Lexus Corporate, I have seen the immense demand for our product first hand on a daily basis. I have shared the idea with many high level positions at these respective companies and they have all confirmed that they would find our product incredibly valuable.

Adam Goot

I am a senior studying Global Development and Business Management. I have realized first-hand that technology is the best method in making a positive, large-scale impact on the world – whether it is making business practices more efficient or reducing paper waste by going digital. I’m passionate about using technology to revolutionize our daily interactions.

Status, Opportunity, and Traction

After months of hard work, we have created a detailed business plan and a mobile application prototype. The past month of research has proven the demand for our product. We have conducted primary research through contacting a myriad of local business owners in Bloomington who have confirmed that they are both interested and willing to use our services. We also have obtained the proper domain name for our business. Now we are looking for someone with the technical background to further execute our idea.

We’re seeking an experienced software developer to serve as the technical co-founder of our start-up. In this role, you will be in charge of creating a mobile application, configuring an app that will be downloaded on POS terminals via their respective marketplace, building a server, and managing any other technical decisions that could arise. In addition, we need someone that can balance a high level of involvement with school work. Due to the large role you would play in the company, we’re willing to offer a percentage of the company’s equity.


We have been working on Shade for the past 5 months and are planning on taking next semester off to pursue the business full-time. We aren’t expecting the same for a developer but we want to express our level of commitment to the idea.


If you are interested or have any further questions on the idea, please let us know.

Referrals will be heavily compensated.

*Any knowledge in electronic payment processing is an added bonus